AIoT Open Linux

Based on Yocto Linux, Mediatek AIoT Open Linux provides an open, standard, security structure with complete functions for AIoT applications to help developer integrated software and services realize their AIoT applications.

A Io T SDK diagram 700

Key Features

Open and Standard

Base on standard Yocto Linux, all drivers will upstream to mainline and keep maintain. Providing a easy to develop environment for users

AI Accelerator

Integrated Mediatek AI Accelerator – NeuroPilot to better apply APUs in Genio series products and provide standard tensorflowlite interface.

Connectivity & Multimedia

Pre-integrated with Mediatek connectivity modules,  quickly landing 5G/WiFi-6/WiFo-6E support in your AIoT application


AIoT Yocto Overview

Based on the Yocto project, AIoT Yocto provides board support packages(BSP) for AIoT evaluation kits and development boards.

Get Started

Shows you how to setup the development environment, build an image, flash the image to the board, and connect to the board.

AIoT Tools

AIoT tools is a set of tools to configure or interact with MediaTek boards.