Why choose MediaTek?

Ideal for companies seeking custom ASIC solutions for differentiation and uniqueness.

MediaTek offers a dedicated, industry-leading ASIC service for companies looking to create unique ICs, platforms or products. Now over 20 years in business, we have growth to become the world’s 4th largest fabless semiconductor company. We’re capable of building high quality, high performance ICs at large volumes through our extensive partner ecosystem.

  • Extensive expertise in cutting-edge chip design

  • Very broad IP portfolio

  • Demonstrated time-to-market delivery

  • Active involvement and commitment to global technology standards

  • Deep ecosystem with global reach

  • Over 7,000 Patents

  • Over 1.5 billion products sold annually

MediaTek’s premium ASIC design service ecosystem

Advanced Design Methodology

Modern chip design extends beyond the silicon to account for packaging and platform as well. All these factors are important to develop highly reliable products that deliver the optimum of chip, package and PCB parameters, maximizing operational efficiency and value for money.

  • 2.5D package solutions (InFO, Interposer, CoWoS)

  • Multi-die package (MCM)

  • Efficient thermal handling in high power designs

  • Reliability for high speed, large chip designs (up to 67.5mm2)

How it works MediaTek’s premium ASIC design service ecosystem

Flexible, yet Comprehensive ASIC Business Model

MediaTek can provide as much ASIC development support as a customer needs; from assistance at the early stages of chip and system design and specification, all the way through to manufacturing and product support.

A Rich IP Portfolio

MediaTek offers a wide range of products and has a deep pool of innovative IPs backing them. It has considerable technical know-how in major categories such as high-performance application processors with heterogeneous computing, Artificial Intelligence, multimedia accelerators, peripheral IO, wireless and wired connectivity.

Leading Backend Design Technology

MediaTek is one of few ASIC design companies capable of creating highly integrated SoC solutions on leading process nodes, enabling us to create products with the best in power, performance and die size to meet the highest demands.

Manufacturing Management

Shipping over a billion products a year means MediaTek has extensive partnerships with all leading suppliers in the SoC manufacturing chain; from foundry partners, to assembly, packaging and testing. If customers have preferred partners, this requirement can be accommodated.

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